Writing Prompts and Inspirational Posters Honor Sandy Hook Elementary School

Grandville, MI (PRLOG.com) – In honor of the victims and families of Sandy Hook Elementary following the December 14, 2012 tragedy in Newtown, CT., WriteSteps is participating in the Acts of Kindness campaign. The WriteSteps team created writing prompts to help students express themselves during a time of grief or tragedy and designed inspirational We are a Family school posters.

Most experts say when children experience grief or tragedy it is wise to give them an opportunity to express their feelings. Writing can be very therapeutic and is a wonderful expressive outlet for students.

“Because writing is a medium we teach at WriteSteps and something we are passionate about, we felt it was important to create writing prompts to help students,” said Suzanne Klein, WriteSteps Founder and CEO. “We want to continue to honor the memory of the children and educators who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

The inspirational We are a Family posters can be downloaded for free. The posters can be sent to a local printer to print in 11×17 poster size, or they can be printed in the standard 8 ½ x11 format.

Schools are encouraged to hang the posters in school hallways and classrooms.  Help WriteSteps spread the message that together, as an education community, we are working to create a better world for our children.

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