Writing and Grammar Digital Learning Activities

All of the WritingCity digital learning activities have been developed for the youngest of students, including pre-readers! They can be accessed on just about any device with internet access — phones,tablets, laptops and desktops. Audio and visual prompts help students move through the games without a lot of help from the teacher.

These activities are provided to give students practice with the writing and grammar concepts they’re learning as they learn to write. No more grammar worksheets! No more grading grammar worksheets!

Engaging hosts, Penny and Phil, lead the way as students learn and play. Encouraging and immediate feedback keeps the students motivated as they practice their new skills.

Initial Sounds
This Kindergarten focused phonics activity has students listen for the initial sound in a word and match it up with another word that starts with the same sound. Students practice with word families (-at, -ag, -an, -am, -ad, -ed, -en) and their sound card words. This 6-question activity provides immediate and informative feedback for students and is automatically scored.

Answer Pop
This K-1 focused multiple choice activity asks students to pop the bubbles that contain the correct answers. Students will try to pop the capital letters or the correct type of punctuation marks. This non-scored activity allows students to become familiar with these new concepts without fear of getting it wrong.

Sound It Out
This K-2 phonics focused activity asks students to put the sounds in each word in order to spell them correctly. Automated scoring provides a grade and immediate feedback keeps students on track.

Students sound out high frequency words and words from different word families, which reinforces the idea that words from the same family end with the same sounds.

My Digital Notebook
This K-5 focused application activity provides opportunities for students in all grade levels to apply the learning digitally.

Students in grades K-1 will count words and spaces in a sentence, circle sight words, draw nouns, verbs and prepositions,and more.

Students in 2nd-5th grades will add correct punctuation, paraphrase, draw topics they may want to write about and edit and revise texts, by adding adjectives and adverbs, turning fragments into sentences, expanding and combining sentences and so much more.

When students submit this activity, a screenshot is shared with the teacher, so the teacher can provide feedback and a grade if they wish.

Match It
This non-scored K-5 focused activity asks students to make connections.

At the youngest levels, kindergarten and first grade, students match letters with their sounds, capital letters with their lowercase counterparts, verbs and nouns that agree and more.

Students in grades 2-5 match up parts of compound sentences, plural and singular words, sentences with their types, clauses and conjunctions, regular and irregular verbs, synonyms, antonyms, and much more.

Memory Match
This non-scored K-5 focused classic memory activity asks students to find the matching pairs.

Depending on the level, students will be asked to match up letters and their sounds, capitals and lowercase letters, prepositions, synonyms, types of figurative language and more.

This activity is great for providing exposure to new concepts and ideas in a way that doesn’t intimidate the student. It’s just a game after all!

Out Of Order
This K-5 focused auto-scored game asks students to put things in order.

K-1 students will put the letters of high frequency words in order to spell them correctly.

Audio with the letter sounds helps them work through each word. They’ll also be exposed to the idea of subjects and predicates by putting the parts of the sentence together in the correct order with the help of audio cues.

2nd-5th grade students will spell contractions, making sure the apostrophe is in the right spot, sequence dialogue, including punctuation, organize images so they match a story, commas in a series and much more.

Phil & The Blank
This auto-scored K-5 focused game asks students to fill in the blanks, along with their host, the Mighty Phil, and his silent side-kick, The Blank. Students receive immediate and supportive feedback from Phil, when they’ve gotten an answer wrong, that will help them figure out the correct answer.

K-1 students are asked to fill in the blanks with nouns, verbs, rhyming words, pronouns and more.

2nd-5th grade students will fill in the blanks with irregular past tense verbs, adjectives, adverbs, reflexive pronouns, commonly confused words, conjunctions and much more.

Sort It Out
This K-5 focused sorting game is auto-scored and asks students to sort categories of items and ideas.

K-1 students will sort between two and three categories in areas such as nouns and verbs, fact and opinion, plural and singular nouns and people, places and things.

2nd-5th grade students focus on ideas like topic and details, guide words, synonyms, antonyms, punctuating dialogue, interpreting figurative language, strong word choice and commas for effect.

The Choice Is Yours
This K-5 focused multiple choice activity gives students the choice! This auto-scored activity gives students immediate and specific feedback that helps students figure out the best choice.

K-1 students will focus on areas such as common and proper nouns, plurals and possessives, capitalization, punctuation and conjunctions.

2nd-5th grade students focus on ideas like topic and details, guide words, synonyms, antonyms, punctuating dialogue, interpreting figurative language, strong word choice and commas for effect.

Highlight It
This 2nd-5th grade focused activity asks students to highlight relevant portions of text. Students will identify details, highlight errors in spelling and punctuation, main ideas and their supporting details, adverbs, adjectives, transition and temporal words, story parts, facts and opinions and much more.

This activity is not automatically scored, but at the end of the activity, students get an opportunity to see what should have been highlighted along with what they highlighted. A screenshot of the students’ work is sent to the teacher, who can decide to provide a grade or just feedback.

Speedy Speller
This 3rd-5th grade focused auto-scored spelling activity asks students to spell words from various common spelling patterns, such as silent letter combos (wr, kn), short vowels, digraphs (oo in moon), multisyllabic words with double consonants, vowel combinations (-ear, -eat), VVCe patterns, R-controlled vowels and much more.