WriteSteps Approved for California ELD Supplemental Instructional Materials Board List

Grandville, MI (PRLOG) – WriteSteps today announced that their evidence-based, award-winning, digital and print, K-5 Common Core writing and grammar program, was recommended by the California State Board of Education as a supplemental instructional program for English Language Development Standards and is included on the California Department of Education’s ELD Supplemental Instructional Materials State Recommended list.

“Out of 12 programs, WriteSteps and three other programs were recommended,” said Arlynn King, Coaching Director. “We believe that WriteSteps is a program that’s very helpful for ELL students. ELL students are being taught mainly in mainstream classrooms by general education teachers. WriteSteps is designed for these classrooms and these teachers.”

General education teachers need programs that use time wisely, and teachers need to be able to enhance their students’ English while teaching the core curriculum. WriteSteps does this while teaching 100% of the writing and grammar Common Cores. Many experts say the best way to support ELLs is by using Reading Workshops and Writing Workshops (like WriteSteps). By using WriteSteps, California schools will be able to better serve the needs of all of their students.

WriteSteps (K-5) is recommended for approval because it is aligned with the subset of California English Language Development Standards (CA ELD Standards) for a submission and meets the evaluation criteria approved by the State Board of Education for this supplemental instructional materials review.

WriteSteps covers narrative, informative/explanatory, and opinion writing texts aligned to the Common Core writing standards. The daily lesson program gives teachers and students everything they need to develop their craft with confidence. Visual aids such as authentic student writing samples, graphic organizers, and 6 Traits/Common Core rubrics give students of all learning styles effective habits that foster clear written expression.

Brett Gillin, Communications Specialist
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