WriteSteps and Write About Release CaptivationStation: A First-Of-Its-Kind Blended Learning Writing and Grammar Platform

2015 Technology Teacher of the Year is the Creator of Captivators

[Grandville, MI] – August 15, 2016 — WriteSteps and Write About are thrilled to announce the official release of CaptivationStation.

CaptivationStation helps classrooms harness the power of blended learning with a first-of-its-kind instruction and practice platform. 3rd-5th grade students acquire their standards-based writing and grammar instruction through Captivator videos, writing online, and by receiving peer and teacher feedback, ushering in the next generation of competent communicators!

Captivators are the writing and grammar instructional videos found in CaptivationStation and are available for every CaptivationStation lesson.

Depending on the teaching style and technology available, CaptivationStation can be used to teach whole group with one computer per class, small group, or individually in one to one classrooms.

CaptivationStation combines instruction and practice for the entire writing process, developing strong writing and grammar skills in a digital environment.

The Captivator videos were developed by the 2015 Michigan Technology Teacher of the year, Joanna Van Raden. Joanna, a WriteSteps teacher from Manchester Community Schools in Michigan, used her technological know-how and progressive mindset to “blend” her writing and grammar instruction with technology. Upon doing so, Joanna saw student writing scores on both common assessments and state writing scores improve significantly.

After learning about Joanna’s success, the WriteSteps team approached her with the idea to develop the student instructional videos for CaptivationStation. The result is truly amazing!

“Up until now, the teaching and practice of writing was difficult and time-consuming for both students and teachers, causing writing to be the most neglected subject taught in schools,” said Suzanne Klein, WriteSteps Founder and CEO. “Well, not anymore! Having CaptivationStation available for students to receive their writing and grammar instruction and practice all on one platform is truly a dream come true! None of this would have been possible without my amazingly dedicated team, and our partnership with Write About. This quote from Aristotle fits for this synergistic union we’ve created, ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ CaptivationStation is surely going to captivate teachers and students around the world. It’s an immense game changer.”

CaptivationStation is available to 3rd-5th grade teachers with an active eWriteSteps subscription. The cost is $6.95 per student.

Visit CaptivationStation for more information and to see the powerful platform in action.

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