The Top 3 Reasons Why Teachers Struggle with Teaching Writing

John Rumery, Editor of Rapid Growth, interviewed Suzanne Klein (Founder & CEO) about WriteSteps. Watch the video to discover Suzanne’s inspiration for creating WriteSteps, information about investing in the growing company, the top three challenges teachers face when it comes to teaching writing, and her plans for WriteSteps’ future!

What are the issues teachers face when teaching writing?

Time, knowledge, and lack of resources are the top reasons why teachers struggle with teaching writing.

When we ask teachers what their greatest challenges are, they always say time. Elementary teachers are generalists, not specialists. They are teaching all the subjects in a six hour day. When you take out recess, lunch, and any other specials students have, time is always an issue.

The second issue is knowledge. We have not seen any writing courses being taught in college that prepare teachers adequately enough to teach writing.  Teachers come out of college not knowing how to teach writing. When you don’t know how to do something, you tend to avoid it.

The third issue teachers face is a lack of quality materials. That’s where we solve the problem for teachers. We help free up time with our daily writing lessons, we offer training for teachers to help them learn how to teach writing with WriteSteps’ lessons, and we have the materials.

What is your greatest challenge when it comes to teaching writing? Comment below!