Teacher Resources

Teachers are fully supported by on-demand resources.

These resources include grammar mini lessons, rubrics, student writing samples, unit overview videos, and professional development videos. Preview some of the documents and videos that support teachers in modeling writing, incorporating grammar, providing feedback, introducing new genres of writing and more.

Grammar Mini Lessons

A library of grammar mini lessons are available for teachers to assign or show to the class. These lessons are a great way to introduce or review a grammar topic.


Rubrics are available for teachers to support them in providing feedback to students and setting up expectations.

Student Writing Samples

Student writing samples are great tools for modeling how to improve writing and showing students what is expected of them.

Unit Overviews

Unit overview videos help introduce each new genre to the students and get them excited about a new type of writing.

PD On-Demand

A library of professional development videos are available to teachers to support them in using the tools with fidelity and feeling confident in their ability to teach writing.