Why Handwriting Helps You Learn

Did you see our last blog post, “From Symbols to Siri: Where is writing headed?” that compares the differences between speech-to-text versus pencil to paper? Though we feel the future of writing is headed in a much different direction for generations to come, we know handwriting and keyboarding skills play an important role in they way children learn to write right now. 

Nowadays it’s less about putting pen to paper and more about turning on your laptop. But are we losing out by letting the art of penmanship die? Lots of evidence shows handwriting for kids stimulates the brain and offers benefits typing doesn’t.

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10 Writing Apps to Inspire your Elementary Students

Do you know what I love the most when I meet teachers from around the country during my travels? The fact that it gives me the opportunity to hear how WriteSteps is making a positive impact in their classrooms. I also enjoy learning about writing apps teachers have discovered that inspire students to become better writers.

I love my iPad and am an advocate for combining education with the use of technology for the purpose of engaging and motivating students. The following apps are great for students to use outside of the classroom that reinforce their writing skills in a format that is fun and enjoyable! They cover a wide range of writing skills for all levels of writers. From apps that help beginning students just learning to write, to apps that help more advanced students organize their thinking prior to beginning a narrative, there is an app that will inspire any elementary school writer! Continue reading “10 Writing Apps to Inspire your Elementary Students”