Supplementing Writing Lessons with Picture Books

I am a firm believer that students learn best by example. In our WriteSteps K-5 Common Core program, we provide teachers with real student t writing samples demonstrating the different writing topics students learn. We include low, medium and high quality samples so students can see all levels of works.

Picture books can also be a great way to demonstrate a specific writing skill to your students. If you are looking to supplement your writing lessons, in addition to the student writing samples provided in our daily lesson plans, here are some good suggestions.

Below you will find five examples of picture books and how they can be used as mentor texts when teaching a particular writing skill to your K-5 students.

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3 Great Reasons to Collect Your Own Student Writing Samples

Student sample writing collected by WriteSteps Common Core 3rd grade Curriculum Creator . Binder of 3rd grade writing samples collected by Denise Dusseau for next year’s class. Once teachers have a strong foundation in the WriteSteps lessons, collecting class samples can be a great way to honor student work and help your evaluations.

Today I’m pleased to welcome back our 3rd grade curriculum creator and incredible teacher, Denise Dusseau. Here’s Denise, on using anonymous student writing samples with K-5 writers:

Denise: WriteSteps provides dozens of excellent anonymous samples for each grade, but I started creating my own collections when I was still using the Lucy Calkins program. Whether or not you already have plenty of anonymous student sample writing to use in your lessons, using samples from your own students can be powerful. Why?

• they honor your students’ work
• they reflect the unique culture of your school
• they can help your evaluations

Inspiring Confidence

I mentioned in our December Inspired Writer eNewsletter that when I started using WriteSteps, I saw a wonderful difference in the writing of my students who have learning disabilities or ADD. They used to have a hard time getting anything on the page, but now they’re motivated, they’re staying engaged, and they’re making real strides. Continue reading “3 Great Reasons to Collect Your Own Student Writing Samples”