Suzanne Klein and Team WriteSteps Donate $10,000 to Children’s Home Society of Florida

Donation will benefit the children of the Fort Lauderdale Foster Care Home

[Grandville, MI] (PRLOG)-Suzanne Klein, Founder and CEO of WriteSteps, an evidence-based, award-winning, 100% Common Core K-5 writing and grammar program, announced that she has donated a total of $10,000 on behalf of team WriteSteps, to the Children’s Home Society of Florida, to help the children currently living in foster care at the Fort Lauderdale foster care home.

The Children’s Home Society (CHS) protects and heals children, builds and strengthens families, and rescues and embraces teens struggling to survive on their own-giving them a fighting chance to lead a successful life. Children victimized by their own parents, find hope and security in CHS’s emergency shelters, group homes, or foster families. The CHS also helps find infants and children loving homes through private adoption.

“Thanks to the incredible generous donation from WriteSteps, Children’s Home Society of Florida will have the opportunity to enhance services to children we serve in foster care. A gift of this magnitude is so appreciated, especially in a time when we are asked to do more with less,” said Rebecca S.E. McGuire, Ph.D., Executive Director. “We are extremely thankful for this wonderful gift and look forward to building a strong and long lasting relationship with WriteSteps.”

The Fort Lauderdale Foster Care home currently takes care of 12 boys between the ages of 13 and 18. Without Children’s Home Society of Florida, they would have no place to live, or would be thrust into “survival mode” on their 18th birthday, responsible for every aspect of their well-being. CHS provides life skills training, educational and career coaching, guidance and safe housing, so all of the boys can learn self-sufficiency as they transition into adulthood and pursue opportunities for life success.

“In addition to the $10,000, I am also volunteering my time to help spruce up the foster home,” said Suzanne Klein. “I believe that creating an inspiring place to live encourages children to achieve goals and helps them believe anything is possible.”

Brett Gillin, Communications Specialist
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