Study Reveals WriteSteps Improves Students’ Writing Development with its Common Core Writing and Grammar Program

Grandville, MI (PRBuzz)— A study conducted this fall proves that WriteSteps, a 100 percent K-5 Common Core writing and grammar program, is effective in improving students’ writing capabilities.

Results of the study show great promise for WriteSteps’ role in assisting teachers with meeting and exceeding the future Common Core testing goals in their classrooms. The aims of the study were to measure students’ writing development during the WriteSteps program and to measure students’ and teachers’ satisfaction with the WriteSteps program.

The study is the result of a statistical analysis, prepared and analyzed by Pawel Paczuski, University of Michigan graduate student in Biostatistics, and Carrie R. Kind, Ph.D. and Psychologist. The results of their findings are listed below.

  • Of the 48 classes that participated in the study, 47 showed significant improvement in students’ writing skills.
  • 80% of the teachers who used WriteSteps were highly satisfied with the emphasis on Common Core, the clarity and organization of the lessons, and the appropriateness of the lessons.
  • 98% of the teachers who used WriteSteps would recommend the program to others.
  • Prior to using WriteSteps, 21.8% of students reported enjoyment in writing.
  • 71% of students reported enjoyment in their writing upon completion of the WriteSteps program.
  • Student confidence in their writing abilities grew steadily as WriteSteps lessons continued.

“We are very pleased to now be a research-based product that has positive results. These finding are very encouraging for our K-5 Common Core writing and grammar program,” said WriteSteps Founder and CEO Suzanne Klein. “We’ve received a loud, clear message that we are on track!”

The statistical data was voluntarily collected by teachers from four elementary schools that have been using WriteSteps in their classrooms. Three of the four schools were Title 1 schools. Two out of the four were charter schools.

The study analyzed pre- and post-tests, writing samples, student perception surveys after each unit, and teacher satisfaction surveys. The results of the study are applicable to a large range of students. Analysis was given to children of different races, socio-economic statuses, and school type.

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