Revolutionize Writing and Grammar Instruction! Participate in WriteSteps’ Proven Success Partnership

Receive your eWriteSteps Subscription free-of-charge to try CaptivationStation

[Grandville, MI] – August 16, 2016 — For a limited time, WriteSteps invites new schools and districts to participate in its Proven Success Partnership program. For the first time ever, schools can purchase CaptivationStation without having to pay the initial eWriteSteps fee.

Waiving the initial cost of eWriteSteps saves schools and districts $529 per teacher. CaptivationStation subscriptions are just $6.95 per student.

WriteSteps strongly believes that CaptivationStation is a game-changer in the instruction of 3rd-5th grade writing and grammar, and wants to help schools and districts revolutionize writing and grammar, one classroom at a time!

Reasons for the offer include:
  • To create generations to come of competent communicators
  • To evaluate the success of CaptivationStation, and its positive impact on improving student writing and grammar
  • To introduce new schools and districts to WriteSteps

CaptivationStation provides students with standards-based writing and grammar instruction with daily student videos, practice instructions, visual aids, online writing tools, and an authentic writing community. Teachers can now allocate more time to help each student learn the digital and written skills they need to succeed with assessments, college, and careers.

Schools/districts will receive:
  • Teacher access to eWriteSteps (a savings of $529 per teacher)
  • Student and teacher access to CaptivationStation (at $6.95 per student)
  • A free On-Demand Video Kickoff with the purchase of at least three or four classrooms
  • A free live video-conference kickoff with the purchase of five or more classrooms
Schools/districts will agree to:
  • Renew the student CaptivationStation subscriptions for two years at a guaranteed rate of $6.95 per student
  • Have a minimum of three teachers/classrooms participate
  • Take part in three check-ins (via phone call and/or email) to review engagement and teacher/student approval
  • Submit writing standardized test scores from 2016, spring/summer 2017, and spring/summer 2018

This offer is being made for a limited time only for 3rd-5th grade classrooms in qualified states so don’t wait to participate! This offer expires on October 31, 2016.

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Brett Gillin, Communications Specialist
[email protected]
Phone: 1-800-689-1408