Response to Text Writing: Text-Dependent vs. Non-Text Dependent Questions

Standards based assessments call for both types of Response to Text writing. Arlynn King and I continued our conversation on Smarter Balanced and PARCC testing with an emphasis on text-dependent vs. non-text dependent questions. 

Non-text dependent questions ask students to communicate their own thinking, self expression and exploration.  Text-dependent questions ask students to respond to sources and answer questions by drawing on evidence from the text in support of their ideas.

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The standards based tests include a large amount of Response to Text writing, because this is the goal for readers and writers of all ages – to understand and learn from what they read and to express such knowledge clearly.

It is important to mention that WriteSteps now has Response to Text included in our lessons in order to provide opportunities for students to express what they have learned as readers.

If you missed it, Part One of our Smarter Balanced and PARCC discussion can be viewed here.