Professional Development

The WritingCity Commitment to Teacher Support

We believe that a well-supported teacher is more likely to develop new practices that will sustain them over time. That’s why we have made professional development a top priority. We offer:

  • grade-level coaching that is tailored to meet the needs of each school as well as each group of teachers
  • large group topic-specific PD sessions
  • two School Success PD Packages

What are the School Success Packages?

These are PD packages which will support teachers in implementing and using the various WritingCity platforms. They can be purchased individually or together.

What happens during small group coaching?

The WritingCity coach meets with teachers in grade-level groups (on-site or virtually) for about an hour each during the school day. The school provides coverage for classes during these grade-level meetings or schedules them during the teachers’ planning time. If the coaching is on-site, it must be for a full day.

The WritingCity coach leads teachers in activities that translate to immediate classroom results.

What happens during large group, topic-specific PD?

The WritingCity coach presents an inter-active, large group PD session. Some sessions are appropriate for full groups. Some are more effective when delivered separately to lower and upper grade level groups. These sessions can only be presented on-site and in whole day segments. “Mix and Match” the sessions to create full days of PD.

How many days?

A variety of possibilities:
  • 1 day early in the year to help everyone get started
  • 1 day mid year to deal with specific needs
  • 3 or more days in a school year (fall, winter, spring)
  • 1 day a month to help everyone stay on track and perfect their instructional techniques

What does Professional Development cost?

1 Day On-Site Professional Development $1,995
Additional Consecutive Day On-site $1,995
Virtual Professional Development (1 hr) $299
Virtual Professional Development (6 hrs) $999

What is PD On-Demand?

PD On-Demand is a set of videos that can be viewed individually, in PLCs, or in a staff meeting. These included videos can be watched at any time by teachers with access to the program.

The videos run anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes and focus on how to use the program as well as writing pedagogy.

View a Sample PD On-Demand Video: Effective Writing Instruction Strategies

Customized PD

In addition to the PDs we have listed and described above, we are always willing to “custom build” a PD that fits your needs exactly. We can design opportunities for in-depth, on-site professional learning experiences that would:

  • address specific needs
  • provide an opportunity to interact at length and over time
  • allow consultants to observe, provide feedback, and create a plan for continuing professional learning

How can I order WritingCity Professional Development?

Click here for the Price List.

If you have questions, contact our Professional Development Team.
[email protected]