WritingCity Curriculum

WritingCity is the most teacher-friendly standards-based writing and grammar program for K-5 on the market. Period. We fuse best practices such as the 6 traits of writing, Writer’s Workshop, Multiple Intelligences, and Bloom’s Taxonomy.

This comprehensive program gives teachers and students everything they need to develop their craft with confidence.

The WritingCity Curriculum is provided via the online Teacher Platform that can be used with interactive whiteboards, visual projectors, computers, tablets, iPads, and document cameras.

WritingCity includes:

  • daily lesson plans that provide Madeline Hunter-type lesson steps to successfully guide students in learning the writing process with standards-based skill development.
  • Engagers, interactive whiteboard files for every lesson created in SMART Notebook format.
  • student visual aids, such as authentic student writing samples, graphic organizers, and text type specific 6 traits rubrics.
  • unit introduction videos give educators confidence teaching new material.
  • teacher support documents including pacing guides, standards correlation charts for every state, conferencing sheets, technology recommendations for producing and publishing writing, rubric conversion sheet for grading, writing themes, grammar guides, and many more.
  • classroom demonstration videos teaching lesson concepts and introducing units.
  • unlimited email support with coaches to support program implementation.
  • automatic lesson updates ensure that teachers are prepared for next generation assessments.

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Captivators™ are daily instructional videos for 2nd-5th grade students and are available in the WritingCity Teacher Platform for grades 2-5 as well as the Student Platform, CaptivationStation for students in grades 3-5.

With Captivators, teachers can:

  • show students daily 5-7 minute instructional videos in whole group or small group settings.
  • shorten instructional time, which enables more actual writing time for students and more time for teachers to conference with students.
  • cover the topics for each standards-based daily lesson plan.
  • deliver consistent instructional content for writing and grammar improving fidelity across the school.

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CaptivationStation, provided on the 3rd-5th grade Student Platform, offers the Captivators along with all of the tools students need for the complete writing process in a digital environment.

CaptivationStation has:

  • Captivators, daily instructional videos for students.
  • daily practice directions in both audio & written formats.
  • a built-in word processor with an audio recording option.
  • publishing levels for the class, district, and global audiences.
  • customizable writing ideas and groups.
  • audio & annotation tools for peer and teacher feedback.
  • student and class engagement data.
  • tutorial videos for teacher and student level users.
  • the CaptivationStation Launch video enabled in the WritingCity Teacher Platform.

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Coaching/Professional Development
Support your teachers’ implementation of WritingCity and your students’ writing success with virtual or on-site coaching or the PD provided in the School Success Packages.

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WritingCity Print Binder
For teachers that also need printed material, traditional print binders can be purchased as an add-on to WritingCity.