WritingCity is a K-5 standards-based curriculum that provides systematic daily writing and grammar instruction. Fusing best practices, such as the 6 traits of writing, Writer’s Workshop, Multiple Intelligences, and Bloom’s Taxonomy, this comprehensive program gives teachers and students everything they need to develop their craft with confidence.

Teachers are fully supported by on-demand resources. Daily lesson plans provide Madeline Hunter-type lesson steps to successfully guide students in learning the writing process with standards-based skill development. Teacher support documents and videos, including unit overview videos, conferencing sheets, rubrics, grammar guides, visual aids, student writing samples, classroom demonstration videos and standards correlations charts are quickly accessible when logged in as a teacher.

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Lessons are provided for multiple modalities of learning. Teachers can facilitate and deliver the daily instruction by following along with the written lesson steps, by projecting interactive slideshow-style lessons, or by assigning instructional video lessons to students.

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Student practice includes digital and paper/pencil opportunities. Second through fifth-grade students have the option to write and submit their work digitally, using WritingCity’s digital editor that includes the ability to format text and include images or using paper and pencil. Kindergarten and first grade students do all of their writing with paper and pencil, but all grade levels have access to interactive games. These engaging activities provide students practice with grammar and writing concepts in a fun, non-threatening environment. Penny, the highlighter, and her buddy, the Mighty Phil, host the games and provide supportive and sometimes entertaining feedback that will keep the students excited about writing time.

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Our secure platform connects student-to-teacher and teacher-to-admin for easy tracking and accountability. Upon login, students can access assigned work, games, lessons and records of any digitally submitted work. Anything they do while logged in is recorded and shared with the teacher. Upon login, teachers can prepare for and present daily lessons or games, view student progress, grade or return submitted work, assign writing or grammar practice, and more. Account Administrators can also log in to view reports, curriculum materials, the student roster and manage the account.

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Professional development and coaching sessions help teachers develop and implement best practices. Professional development is a top priority when it comes to teaching writing, so WritingCity provides many options for helping teachers use the program with fidelity. From small group coaching sessions to large group topic-specific sessions and PD On-Demand, PD can be provided on-site or virtually. Email and phone support are available year round.

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