Engagers-Bring Daily Lessons to Life

Engagers™ are interactive whiteboard lessons created in SMART Notebook format that meet the demand for quality writing and grammar lessons in a more engaging format. Interactive whiteboard files are available for every WritingCity lesson.

These SMART Notebook files can be used with other interactive whiteboards. However, computers need to have the SMART Notebook software currently installed for the files to work. Download a sample lesson today to test with your system.

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If you are interested in using Engagers, and you don’t have a SMART board or SMART Notebook software, check with your tech support about purchasing through SMART Technologies.


Engagers received Premium SMART Notebook Content accreditation. Premium accreditation means that SMART has verified that our product has a deeper level of integration by taking advantage of SMART product functionality and maintains the ease of use that is integral of all SMART products.


With inherent appeal to visual and tactile learners, Engagers keep students focused on the lesson, promoting retention and skill mastery. In particular, English Language Learners and Special Education students can benefit greatly from these features.

Effective Lesson Delivery

Teacher instructions are embedded into each Engagers lesson, eliminating the need to reference the WritingCity lesson plans.