Do you know your teaching staff’s “Educator Style” for writing?

Capitalizing on each individual’s “Educator Style” will help your teaching staff achieve writing success

As an administrator or school principal, you probably already know that no two teachers are the same; in fact, every teacher has a unique method of teaching writing. The uniqueness of teacher personalities and styles means a one-size-fits-all writing curriculum is likely to be sub-optimal and very possibly, not universally effective for neither students nor the teachers who instruct with it.

Despite this, administrators are left with few options when it comes to teacher-directed writing instruction. It’s difficult, indeed, for administrators to find a writing curriculum that just covers all the basics — from having explicit grade level appropriate content, alignment with standards, integration of grammar, and technology instruction. It’s no wonder that perhaps the most important consideration when selecting a writing curriculum — each teacher’s unique method teaching writing — often gets lost at the bottom of the list

At WritingCity, we’ve designed three delivery options that administrators and teachers alike can flexibly ‘match’ to their preferred delivery style.

  • STYLE 1: TRADITIONAL. Do your teachers prefer a more traditional style? This delivery method is best suited for a teacher that wants more control because the lesson plans are completely teacher-directed. They provide the steps teachers need to follow via a concise lesson plan format. These are the most flexible because teachers can use the samples and steps provided, or customize their own.
  • STYLE 2: TECH & DIGITAL SAVVY. Are your teachers more digitally savvy and prefer to facilitate learning using technology? Our Engagers are smartboard lessons that follow the lesson plans. Teachers with this style feel ultra-comfortable (and even excited!) about using this interactive whiteboard format to facilitate learning.
  • STYLE 3: GUIDE-READY. Do your teachers prefer to teach alongside an instructional video? Best suited to teachers who prefer a more guided experience to delivering the curriculum, or just generally require more support in the classroom, Captivators are digitally delivered lessons that follow the lesson plans. Teachers have the option to present the Captivator to the class and pause the video as needed. These instructional videos are also great when flipping the classroom, when a child is absent and missed instruction, and even for students that may need to hear the instruction more than once.

We know how difficult it is to decide on a writing curriculum that meets all of your needs. Not only does WritingCity provide grade level appropriate content, vertical and horizontal alignment of standards, and integrates writing with grammar, reading and technology seamlessly, it allows teachers to decide which delivery method works best for them and their teaching style.

Ready for a demo to see how it works? Just reach out and we’ll walk you through all three delivery options, which are easy to navigate and are well organized for immediate access right from any of your teaching staff’s individual accounts.