Calling all Teachers: Share Your Expert Advice and Earn $50!


Do you have a solution to share for the problems teachers face while teaching writing? Help teachers around the nation by submitting a video with your tip. If we select your video for use in our future professional development sessions, we will send you a $50 check! Better yet, submit as many videos as you like.

You don’t need to be using the WriteSteps program to participate. Please spread the word to your elementary teacher friends and colleagues. Together, we CAN improve writing in elementary schools.

Here are the things we are looking for:

  • A tip or an authentic solution to problems teachers face while teaching writing.
  • Videos shot in a real elementary classroom, possibly demonstrating with visuals.
  • Videos 1 minute or less in length (this is equivalent to 120 words).
  • In the video: state your name, grade level (or position), and your idea. Please be clear and concise.

Email your video to [email protected]. Include the topic you chose in the subject line and please provide your full name and mailing address in the message so that we know where to mail the check if your video is selected.

We will accept any strategy or tip related to teaching writing. Here are some possible topics and questions to help you choose a strategy or tip to share:

Classroom Management Issues

When should I do writing? Morning or afternoon?

What if the noise level is too loud during writing time?

What if students finish at different times?

How do I stop students from lining up at my desk to read their writing?

What about students who don’t use their time wisely?

What if I have so many different ability levels in my room?

What do students do when they are done writing?

Material Management Issues

Where should I house their writing (i.e.-journal, spiral bound, binder, notebook, or folder)?

What kind of paper should they use (i.e.-blank, notebook, etc…)?

Should they use dictionaries when they write?

How do students keep track of their materials?

Writing Content & Ideas

What if students write on the same topic over and over again?

Writing Process-Planning

Do I check their plan before they begin writing?

What if their writing doesn’t match their plan?

How do I teach them to use their plan when writing?

What if I have a student who doesn’t want to plan their writing, and wants to get started writing?

Writing Process-Writing

What do you do with students who don’t know how to start their writing?

How do I handle a student who finishes too quickly?

What does a student do if they aren’t finished and writing time is over?

Writing Process-Editing

How much editing should I expect from my students?

What if they read over their writing and say it is perfect?

How do I teach my students to edit their own writing?

What if they are spelling high frequency words wrong in their writing?

What if they spell words right on spelling test, but wrong in their writing?

Writing Process-Publishing

Who chooses which piece gets published?

How does a piece get published?

Writing Process-Sharing

When does sharing take place?

Who should share?

What does a student share?

What does the rest of the class do?


What is the purpose of assessing students’ writing?

How can I get more scores instead of just one for a formal writing piece at the end of a unit?

What do I do with the assessment information?