Wait, What? Writing Across the Curriculum Can SAVE Time?

What if we told you that writing across the curriculum could save you time?

So many teachers tell us how reluctant they are to have students write in all content areas because they fear they’ll have a stack of additional papers to read. Writing is an efficient way to cover multiple standards at one time. Are you teaching about your state in social studies? Or the human body in science class? Why not have the students write about it for their assessment? Continue reading “Wait, What? Writing Across the Curriculum Can SAVE Time?”

End-of-the-Year Reflection Writing

As the school year comes to a close, teachers are already thinking and planning for next year. We, as teachers, look forward to a fresh start and are trying to remember all the mental notes we took during the school year about what to do differently to make next year even better. We encourage teachers to make time at the end of the year to reflect and set goals. It is a good time to teach students to do so as well.

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