5 Ways to Cure the Common Crank

Image of frustrated teacher from WriteSteps Inspired Writer blog.
Feeling cranky? Even in those long days
when we think we’ll never make it to
Spring Break, we need to find ways to
give our best to our students.
It is hard for a fussy teacher (or parent) to teach. Our negative body language is hard to overcome. Kids need to know we care. When I find myself going down this thorny path, this is what I do:

1. Start smiling
You feel better and somehow forget about the reasons you had to be fussy in the first place.

2. Do something kind and totally random
Find a stewardess or service person and call the company to give an honest compliment. Call a product support line of something you love just to tell them.

3. Give a public compliment to a person who has no clue it is coming.
Blog or tweet about someone. (@angelamaiers’ hashtag #youmatter is a great one to include!)

4. Go “Little House”
This is what my family says I do. When I overload and I go home, I put on my favorite soft socks and sweats and crawl in my bed to watch a few episodes of Little House on the Prairie on the Lifetime Channel. I let myself go to sleep early. This uplifting show gives me perspective. The extra rest helps too.

Have a favorite feel-good show or movie? Use it to help give you perspective.

5. Make a gratitude guide
The old wagon trains out west left deep ruts that others followed. This is using a rut in a positive way. Keep a page in your planner of the thoughts that get you back on track. Make it hard to get too negative.

I list the things I am thankful for. As a Christian, I take these to My Father in thanks. I was having a pity party just this past week about having 4 stitches from some very minor skin surgery when I remembered that just 3 years ago I didn’t know if Mom would survive her cancer — it puts life in perspective.

It is easy to get cranky and tired this time of year. Students are ready for the break and teachers are too! Take time to save your thoughts from taking you away from all the good times you can have this season.

Your present is your positive presence. If you are always cranky you aren’t leaving a good legacy for others to remember.
Live well! Have a great day.

Guest blogger Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) is a teacher, mom, co-founder of the Flat Classroom projects and author of the Cool Cat Teacher Blog and the new book Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds. This post appeared first in her blog last fall.