1st Grade Writing Curriculum

At WritingCity, our 1st-grade writing curriculum is designed to empower students with the knowledge they need to succeed as they grow and continue to move through school. When using this curriculum, kids benefit from higher test scores, increased confidence, and a better understanding of the written and spoken English language.

The WritingCity 1st Grade Writing Curriculum is a standards-based curriculum that incorporates a variety of best practices, including Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligences, and the 6 traits of writing.

With comprehensive lesson plans, visual aids for every lesson, and a variety of teaching aids and additional resources, it’s an all-in-one curriculum that helps build on and improve upon the basic fundamentals that children are taught in kindergarten.

What Should a First Grader be Able to Write?

First grade is a vital year in writing instruction. In this grade, students learn all about narrative, informative, and opinion writing while also utilizing the writing process. First graders also begin to understand not only what they are writing, but why they are writing it. To help them better understand this, students learn about writing evaluation in first grade to constructively provide feedback on their own writing as well as pieces created by their peers. Another key area of instruction in first grade writing is English language conventions such as sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, proper capitalization, and more. WritingCity’s proven first grade writing curriculum teaches to these standards and builds upon them to create an impactful program for any school.

What’s In The WritingCity 1st Grade Writing Curriculum?

The WritingCity 1st Grade Writing Curriculum begins with a review of basic writing and composition fundamentals learned in kindergarten, as well as a review of important writing-related concepts. Broadly, the curriculum is broken into six different units.

  • Unit 1 – Unit 1 begins with a basic review of concepts learned in kindergarten, as well as brainstorming topics for use later in the curriculum. Kids get a refresher on what they’ve learned in the previous year, and begin to learn more about the tools they’ll use as they grow as writers.
  • Unit 2 – Unit 2 focuses on spelling unknown words, as well as story structure and personal narrative writing, introducing children to more advanced concepts in writing and composition.
  • Unit 3 – Unit 3 of our first grade writing curriculum focuses on informative writing, with an emphasis on a few major concepts including writing purpose, fact vs. opinion-based writing, and creating conclusions and introductions.
  • Unit 4 – Unit 4’s first grade writing lessons focus primarily on how to form and defend opinions in writing, with an emphasis on stating the reasons behind a particular claim or opinion while composing a written work.
  • Unit 5 – Unit 5 focuses on imagined narrative writing, allowing kids to use their imagination while composing written works. Peer revision and editing are also introduced to the child’s writing “toolbox.”
  • Unit 6 – Unit 6 is primarily concerned with gathering information for research writing, building on the concepts learned in units 3 and 4, and also introduces some more advanced grammatical concepts, such as topic sentences.

The Benefits Of The WritingCity First Grade Writing Lessons & Curriculum

The WritingCity 1st Grade Writing Curriculum has been used by thousands of teachers, and has been shown to have a number of great benefits:

  • Consistent Structure – WritingCity’s structured curriculum ensures consistency between grades, creating a seamless transition from year to year.
  • Easy for Teachers – The beauty of the WritingCity curriculum is that it cuts down on prep work demands for teachers! All aspects of the curriculum meet standards and is ready for use out of the box.
  • Proven to improve test scores – The WritingCity curriculum has been proven to help improve test scores in K-5 kids, preparing them effectively for the next steps of their education.

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